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DON'T SUPPRESS IT EXPRESS IT, to lose weight. A study in the US by experts at Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester shows that the risk of premature death from all causes increases by about 35 per cent among those who fail to say how they feel. But when the researchers looked at specific causes of death they discovered that the risks increased by 47 per cent for heart disease and 70 per cent for cancer. The findings, published online in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, suggest that the consequences of bottling up emotions are even more serious than previously thought. It is not clear exactly how suppressed emotions cause premature death. One theory is that people turn to alcohol, cigarettes or junk food to help them cope with their hidden feelings. Another is that the stress of keeping the lid on negative thoughts disrupts the hormone balance in the body, raising the risk of diseases linked with cellular damage, such as heart complaints and cancer. London-based business psychologist, Voula Grand said: "It has long been thought that cancers are partly the result of suppressed emotions." Past research has shown bottling up anger can impair the immune system. "But although people learn to hide their feelings at a very early age, they can still be taught to express them later in life".  
It takes energy and effort but it can be done. I know that I am preaching to the converted but it is supportive of our theories to see the scientific community starting to agree. The reality is we cannot separate our experience from the way that we feel and hence the way that our body responds. The belief that our thinking somehow has no effect on how we feel or how our body responds and our general health is only supported by those who know very little about the subject of the psychosomatic response and the effects of therapy. Of much interest to us are the comments on how the psychosomatic response can be responsible for depression& addictive behaviour although these subjects are not separate. We have discussed depression and how we can help people to be happier over several months.The theories that we are now focusing on are how & why we self-medicate with food if not cigarettes, alcohol& recreational drugs and what we can do to help, specifically with the rise in clients looking to lose weight. We have already looked at how we as therapists work with feeling down and even depression. Excitingly we are now to look at the subject of increased weight in the general population and how we as therapists can work with this. The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy are now holding a two day workshop on helping clients to lose weight. Please contact me for details. Weight Lose Workshop 
Since the 1960's there has been a consistent rise in obesity with current claims that more than 60% of the UK population is now overweight. Are we eating more or is this something to do with the manufacture of food? Interestingly during this period soft drink manufacturers started to use corn syrup as a sweetener rather than sugar which dramatically increased in cost during this period. Sucrose (table sugar) and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are both made from two simple sugars--glucose and fructose. They also contain the same amount of calories but because they are made from different foods, they are processed differently in the body. In sucrose, the glucose and fructose are chemically bonded. In corn syrup, they are blended together. The body first needs to digest and break down the sugar in the chemically formed sucrose. Since corn syrup is blended, the body does not need to digest it before it is metabolized and released into the blood stream. There is great debate over whether HFCS is more detrimental regarding weight increase than sugar so it is difficult to draw conclusions from this but what is certain is this product is used a great deal more in the manufacture of food such as breads, cereals, breakfast bars, lunch meats, yogurts, soft drinks & soups, almost anything that is being manufactured as food, than ever before 
We are being taught to have a sweeter tooth. These hidden sugars carry an enormous increase in calories, our lifestyle is becoming more sedentary and so we are storing this non-used energy as fat to be used at a later date. As at least 60% of the UK population is not using this stored energy we have an issue of epidemic proportions. We are told that increased sugar levels can lead to hypoglycemia and diabetes and many other illnesses. These food manufacturing companies are now buying out fruit juice companies and so you can guess what is going to happen next. Juiced fruits are particularly high in calories without the fibre in the fruit to help us feel full and so a glass of orange juice can have the calorific value of 4 to 5 oranges plus sugars to improve the taste without eating and so we are still hungry. Consider the insulin reaction to control the sugar surge & the extra calories and we can start to understand why these products are so detrimental to our physical and emotional health. WHY HAVE I LINKED THE SUPPRESSION OF EMOTIONS TO BEING OVER WEIGHT? When we suppress emotions we are more likely to turn to other things for comfort: food, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. Enter the therapist. Further to this it is my belief that what we eat has an enormous effect on our bodies and certain food can lead to low, slow, lethargic feelings. Other foods offer tremendous sugar boosts with increases in blood sugar levels resulting in insulin spikes as the body over-compensates, often leading to resulting crashes in energy, even shaking and low concentration levels. Certainly this increase in sugar levels and resultant drop in energy and sometimes shaking has been related to Hyperglycaemia and the onset of diabetes. We are being taught to have a sweet tooth by the food giants because it is addictive. This addiction is harmful to your health and could eventually kill you. Research has linked the increase in consumed sugar levels with the rise in documented cancer cases. Does this sound like an enormous conspiracy theory to you? It does to me! A complete exaggeration of reality? Who would do such a thing? Surely in today's world of consumer protection and the "Nanny State" we would be protected? Would the government really allow profit making organisations to do this to their population, their own people? Wait a minute who sold us cigarettes? They have been denying for years that they were harmful. The phrase was, "There is no proof that cigarettes can damage your health." And we continued to buy this product until the evidence was overwhelming and the burden of NHS spending on smoking-related illness became crippling. 
PROFIT!!! That's why. The reality is if you smoke you will probably live until you die of a smoking related illness. We could spend months discussing alcohol and recreational drugs and yet we are talking about products that we don't need to exist and in theory we can live without. We are unable to live without food! These companies have found a way to help you and I to become addicted to a product that we cannot do without, FOOD! The answer to all of this is, there is not an answer! There is no one hundred percent guaranteed way of eating healthily. We do though have some control over what we buy and put into our bodies. Here now is the really bad news. This is the offensive section. Please skip to the next paragraph if you are: easily offended; find it difficult to come to terms with reality; find yourself making excuses or hear yourself saying 'yes but'; or even worse, blame everyone else; find yourself saying "I am to old now", or "It's too late now", or "I'm young and I have to enjoy myself now." Are you sure you want the truth? I did warn you?Here we go! Deep breath! Stand in front of the mirror with your swimming costume on.You are looking at your lifestyle: The decisions that you have made;The way that you have responded to life. Now hold that pose until you have to breathe out. Still looking? If you are happy with yourself, excellent you're on the right road and you might already be very interested to read on so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are not happy with the views and would like to make a few changes please read on. Oh don't be cold, time to get dressed. And you can put the light back on now? Most of us have been lied to. So don't totally blame yourself entirely. We were told that some of the things that we eat were / are healthy and even good for us. Some are most definitely not. Over the next few months we will be looking at foods that you might have believed were doing you good and actually they were pilling on the pounds but first, and whilst we have a few more minutes together, let's dispel a myth 
Ok you can but only if you are already eating healthily. Exercise will make you fitter, increase tonality and muscle does burn more calories than fat. For me exercise somehow improves my mental discipline and I become more dedicated to being healthier. But does exercise lose weight? I spent twenty minutes on the cross-walker in my local gym and according to the machine burnt 240 calories. I had breakfast before going to the gym and according to the manufacturer of the cereals I ate 327 calories plus one cup of tea with semi skimmed milk 15 calories = 342 calories? The Personal Trainers will tell you not to exercise on an empty stomach so you will need to eat something to be in the gym. You might be telling me to work out harder and for longer; and there are three main body types to take into account which we can discuss over the coming months but the reality is, if we want to lose weight we need to consume less calories, although there are tremendous advantages to exercising and a healthy diet. Ok if you accept what I have said and you probably already knew most if not all of this as most people already do, then why are the majority of us over weight? Simply, you can read a book on juggling and you might know roughly what to do but that does not help you to keep all of the balls in the air at the same time? Therapists understand that knowing is very different from doing. Doing and being are about absorption and application of knowledge, that is information held within your unconscious mind so that your body responds and not as a thinking process, transforming the logic or the known into bodily response or way of being. This is the tough bit. You can read a book on driving but you have to drive for a while to become a driver.  
As people we have so many complex factors like feelings, pervious psychological conditioning, unhelpful habits and what we think that we know which scientifically is not true, which prevents the acceptance and required change achieved by true learning. Telling people these truths will not change them. This has been demonstrated with the horrific pictures printed on cigarette packs because at some level we all know cigarettes are going to harm us. The knowledge will help some people to seek change but generally change requires another process. Please let me know if I can help. We all want to do things ourselves but really if you have been trying to get somewhere for a while now and you have still have not arrived perhaps it is time to ask the way? The brief strategic interventions used to help people feel better and lose weight are taught on the SCCP training courses. Knowing does not help us to be and knowing does not help us to help others. Knowing how to help others will change people. Knowing how to help yourself will change your life. It is time for you to enjoy the changes you want.Contact me today to find out more about the therapeutic interventions available and the courses that we run. 

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